…and we’re back!

Welcome to the new Chestnut Farm website.  We’ve simplified the site and made it easier to stay in touch with what’s happening.  Our blog posts now go directly to the Farm FaceBook account, plus you can now subscribe to have blogs emailed to you directly.

It’s been a busy 6 months at Chestnut Farm and I’m very excited to be heading to Europe in just over 4 weeks.  I’ll be attending the Permaculture Scotland Gathering June 30/July 1 & 2, doing a weekend forest garden course with Martin Crawford in Devon and also offering some one day courses in Suffolk, so share that course info with your UK friends!  [If the details aren’t up yet, give us a day or so. .. 🙂]  After the UK, I’ll be in Germany for a few weeks, so…

…if you know cool places to visit in either the UK or Germany, please let me know…   🙂

Last weekend I was elected to the Board of Permaculture Australia, so thanks to Richard Telford and Oliver Holmgren for nominating me and all those who voted for me.

chestnut farm rainbow