Applewood Permaculture

Thanks to Chris Evans and Looby Macnamara for their hospitality when I visited their new farm – Applewood Permaculture.  Ian Lillington dropped in for lunch so we took a happy snap.  Chris felt a bit bad that he didn’t have a short-sleeved check shirt to wear, but we assured him it was only a requirement for Australians.

Chris lived and worked in Nepal from 1985 and got involved in permaculture while living there.  He is one of the few permaculture pioneers who have worked within a single developing-world country for such an extended period.  Even now, while developing the new property in the UK, he usually spends at least six weeks a year in Nepal, and is an integral part of the Himalayan Permaculture Project.   In 2001 he wrote The Farmers Handbook which was originally published in Nepali but has now been translated into multiple languages.  Read more about Chris.

Looby is well known as the author of Permaculture and People, which was published in 2012 and broke new ground as the first book to focus exclusively on personal and social applications of permaculture.   Looby has written further books, including a recently published book of poetry based around her Work That Connects.  Read more about Looby or buy the book; either directly from her or through her publisher Permanent Publications online outlet.