Berry tunnel refresh

Chiara and Nico have done a power of work weeding the berry tunnel, pruning back rampant berries and finding the path that we all suspected was under the debris!

The bed along the right used to contain raspberries but they died and we’ve removed them.  I might replant with raspberries – even if just to test whether the old ones died of phytophera or not.

Brambles and jostaberries are thriving and loaded with fruit.  Brambles continue for nearly 15 metres now and have had massive fruit set thanks to the nearby bee hive.

Jostaberries; translucent while developing, they eventually turn black like black currants.

Rich volcanic soil that was displaced during some building work on my brother’s farm.  It seemed the brotherly thing to help out by going to collect it – yay!  We’ll spread straw across the new beds, plant a few strawberries, herbs, raspberries and other fun stuff… mostly lower than 1.5 m because this is on the Solar side of the tunnel and we don’t want to block the sun from the berries behind.