Berry tunnel update

A few days ago I posted about the great work Nico & Chiara did weeding the berry tunnel and adding some fresh volcanic soil to the beds.  After retrieving all those raspberries from a friend’s patch mid-week, we decided to plant all the vacant space in the berry tunnel with raspberries.  There is a risk that half the length of the Northern bed has phytophera root rot; I suspect this because of the way the old raspberries died and because I have been to a friend’s berry farm that had phytophera (which is notorious for finding devious ways to move from farm to farm via wet boots, equipment, etc).  (You can find good Australian information on phytophera here)

Before planting, we watered the beds and covered them with straw.

It’s easier to plant through straw then to arrange straw around the little plants later.

Don’t they look happy!

Nico also boldly tackled the berry bed along the dam fence and weeded it thoroughly for the first time in a few years.  We then added Andy’s soil, topped with straw and planted more raspberries.  I’m looking forward to a cracker raspberry season in Autumn!

The larger berry plants already in the bed are Logan berries, with the odd Tayberry thrown in for good measure.