Bristol PDC presentations

Few things reinforce the global nature of permaculture like being stuck in a suburb on the other side of the planet for a day or two and having the random opportunity to attend final design presentations of a local Permaculture Design Course.

It was a privilege to sit in and enjoy the presentations and then share conversations in the pub afterwards. Mentally comparing Ballarat and Bristol, I was struck by the similarity of responses to the PDC that people talk about – how it was more than they expected, more than plants and compost, more than gardening… how lifestyle choices had been expanded, people had been inspired, how site visits and unexpected presentations had shifted ideas.

The design work was done in groups and the locations were diverse and interesting; a community garden space, an acre and a half private small holding, the garden surrounding an internal hotel lawn, a community building (ex library) leading to an amazing hidden acreage of meadows.  Because several people had plans to implement the plans, there was a reality and immediacy to the designs – these were not theoretical musings with no impact; people are going to implement these designs!

…and can you believe that someone recognised me from Ian Lillington’s shot of me and Lachie McKenzie at St Weburgh’s City Farm from yesterday?  Seriously?!