Busy times!

We’ve had a great few helpers recently, so lot’s has been getting done…

Chloe has enjoyed using pallet timber to cover insulation paper where the verandah meets the studio walls.

A little ‘finishing’ job that can hang around for years on owner-built properties, so much appreciate your work, Chloe!

Jon dropped 3 truckloads of rough mulch/compostable material – it’s a crazy mix of soil, tree roots, mulched gorse, blackberry & other muck from a site he’s been working on.

Looks perfect as mulch on which to build a forest garden – or you could just call it an instant hugelkulture!  We’ll definitely use some of it on a mini forest garden we’re planning down the driveway.

Meantime, Romy & Moritz blitzed the blackberries around the wood heap:

and the comfrey around the apple tree in the cubby garden is going crazy…

… as are the bramble berries.  We had our first desserts of brambles and ice cream just a few days ago!