Checking the bees

Does anyone else find that they have an urge to tidy the house when they know friends are coming over?  I had a bit of that yesterday as I knew some beekeepers were coming in the evening….  so I thought I better have a look at my hive and see how it is going.

Good news was that there are no signs of disease, the bees remain super placid (somewhat rare in a hive taken from a swarm), there is a good mix of brood and honey in the lower super and there is loads of honey in the middle super… plus lots of drawn comb up top which I’m expecting them to fill with honey over the next few months.

As well as all the vegetables, berries, comfrey and nearby eucalypts in flower, there is also a large amount of Bursaria spinosa (aka sweet bursaria or butterfly bush) flowering on a hillside a couple of kilometres away.  It makes a very tasty honey which is also reputed to have an unusual quality – it glows in the dark!

How about that for a frame of busy bees!  They are totally focussed on their work and didn’t trouble the three people standing nearby.  Best days to check a hive a fine sunny days without wind and we had exactly the right conditions.  I shuffled a few frames to encourage the bees to fill some of the empty comb, and then we left them to it.  Keep at it, girls; we love your work!