Cubby decking

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and the cubby deck has jumped ahead!  Here’s Clement putting down the planks on the deck

Then we sorted out the stairs, but took our time to build them right.  Big thanks to Kyle for helping with the stringers.  In fact, Kyle was so impressed with his work that he took a photo of it!

Clement finished the planks  on the deck

and then we fitted the treads while Jackie started painting them.

Did I mention that Jackie loves painting?

After the stairs, we fitted rails to the posts, to stop the little people tumbling off the deck…

Pepper stayed over for a visit and gave the stairs a five star rating!

Jackie kept painting anything we put up…

The deck rails are finished – just those beside the steps to do

Do you like or aqua and off-white colour scheme?  It’s what you get when your choices are determined by other people’s mistints!   🙂  Big thanks to Clement, Jackie & Kyle for their work on the deck.