Dam fine work

From Dec 27 – 29 (next week) the top dam is being reworked – you saw the photos of it being pumped out, but now the real work gets underway.  Jo dropped the excavator off and it is an imposing beast!  We’ll be digging out the dam to deepen it, building a new front wall, spillway & overflow path.  If any one (especially BPG PDC graduates) is interested in coming out to see some earthworks  they are very welcome to drop by.

Not to be involved in the work but just to see the process.  If you’re not sure about levels and contours, here’s a practical application to observe.  No work involved – just watching.  You might need to keep your distance to ensure safety, etc.  but with a 13 tonne excavator it is pretty easy to see what’s happening – even from a distance.

Email steve@chestnutfarm.net.au if you’d like to drop by to see what’s happening.  We’ll be busy each day from 7 am onwards.  🙂