Day release

normal day in the office for Meg & Su

I got out of the office for a few hours yesterday to have a catch-up with David Holmgren and Beck Lowe about the Retrosurbia juggernaut.  I told them how our RS bookclub is going plus we talked about some ideas for future implementation in Ballarat.  It was great to hear about the new resources that are going to be added to the Retrosuburbia website (resources arranged by book chapters, which’ll make finding them super easy), plus the new Slack group for RS groups around the country.  There’s a Retrosuburbia weekend training coming up in WA later in the year and we’ll probably get David to come do a talk in sunny Ballarat early 2019.  If you’re not already onboard, join the Retrosuburbia Community on FB.

Aside from the business, it was nice to have lunch with the Melliodora and Milkwood crews, including old mate Speedy who was working with Nick getting ready for a mushroom weekend.

Beck n Nick chilling after lunch