Food Waste!

Here’s an excerpt from an interview with Paul Hawken about his new book Drawdown.  KQED’s Devin Katayama spoke with Paul Hawken about the book and what each one of us can do to “draw down” the atmosphere’s carbon load.

Katayama: What about individuals? What can I do in my home to help out?

Hawken: The number one thing you can do, and I’m starting to do it now too by the way (which I thought I did before, but wasn’t so aware of it) is reduce food waste.  Americans waste 40 percent of the food that we produce. And it takes a lot of energy to produce that food, not just on a farm level but shipping and storage and packing and distribution and processing. It takes 14 or 15 calories for every calorie you consume, and then you toss it. Not in San Francisco, but in most cities in the world and certainly in the United States, that food then goes to landfills and produces methane, a greenhouse gas which is 34 times more powerful than CO2. So, reducing food waste.

KQED is a public radio and TV organisation in San Francisco, CA.

You can read the full article online.