Forest gardening in the Scottish Borders

It’s June already!  In a few weeks, I’ll have the very great fortune to visit Graham Bell at his home in the Scottish Borders.  Graham is an inspirational thinker, business person, campaigner and long term permaculture trainer (who was Ian Lillington’s PDC teacher many years ago).  I’ll be chatting with Graham, currently President of Permaculture Scotland, looking for ideas to improve both Permaculture Australia and Ballarat Permaculture Guild…

…but I’m also very excited to visit Graham’s forest garden, which Tomas Remiarz has described as ‘the best established .. in this country’.  Here’s how Graham describes his garden:

It’s a life’s work, an ambition constantly being realised. It’s a soft factory where food and fuel create their own abundance. It’s a classroom and the best meditation space I know. It’s a place to be in love and to play and to eat out. It’s an energy source and a living changing example. It’s a work of art and a solace. It’s a home.

Look forward to a report and lots of photographs.  Meantime, check out the forest garden page on Graham’s website.  Or Tomas Remiarz book Forest Gardening in Practice (a review of real life examples of forest gardens)  is available at Real Life Forest Gardens or your favourite book seller.  The cover looks like this:

Chestnut Farm Forest garden book