Garden Cottage Coldstream

Graham and Nancy Bell have a fantastic forest garden in Coldstream, Scotland.  It is about 800 m2, with high stone walls on three sides and a 2 m hedge along the fourth.  The garden has been established since 1991 and is primarily producing food for a family – although Graham would hasten to add that it also feeds the 1000 visitors they have on open days throughout each year!

Chestnut Farm Cottage Garden

You can read a history of the garden on Graham’s website.

As well as the food yield, there is also a nice yield in energy (note solar panels) and a small commercial nursery manages to nestle in amongst everything else… yes, that’s why there are trays of seedlings and clumps of potted fruit trees dotted here and there.

Graham is doing us all a great service by documenting a lot of his work, including specific yields.  The garden produced over 1.2 metric tonnes of food in 2015.  You can see his garden research page and check it out yourself.  Or find out a bit more about Graham.