Lemon tree Libertate!

Let’s free the lemon tree from the clutches of the lip-smackingly tasty but rather vigorous bramble that has invaded its patch!

Romy came to visit for a few days; she’d been staying on another farm but wanted to see a few different properties before heading to New Zealand and then back to Austria.  Here, she and Moritz have cleared the brambles and most of the bed and are digging out some dock roots.

We left the lemon balm clump on the nearside edge of the bed as we are experimenting with keeping stands of perennial herbs throughout the vegetable garden.

Once the bed was cleared, Moritz dug it over, we watered it thoroughly and covered it with a layer of straw mulch.

Around the base of the lemon tree, we mulched with stones.  Stones retain heat and make it harder for little weeds to establish themselves.  Maybe boys weeing on the lemon tree can also make up games about hitting specific stones in sequence? (anything to encourage them to leave free Nitrogen behind!)