London Permaculture Network festival

Here are some shots from the excellent LPN festival!

Queueing for tickets at a permaculture event?  Yes please

UK Permaculture Association stall (I think Andy has just spotted me taking the photo!)

Ian Westmoreland from Demand Energy Equality who ran a workshop on DIY solar panels – click on their name to go to their website and find out more.

Maddy Harland from Permanent Publications, reviewing practical responses to climate change, as outlined in Paul Hawken‘s book and website Drawdown

enjoying the summer sunshine

you could have bought this beauty for 75 GB Pounds

Robin Grey from 3 Acres and a Cow leading a music and singing circle which took us on a tour of British land and housing rights movements from the 1700’s to the present day.

and, finally, a cheeky smile from Tomas Remiarz at the pub to which many of us retreated afterwards!

If you haven’t read it yet, I heartily recommend Tomas’ book Forest Gardening in Practice – especially for the early sections where he gives what I think is the most eloquent and accurate outline of the history of the forest garden movement in the last few decades.