Max’s wood pile on the move

Back in January, we cut down a huge eucalypt – part of the long-term preparation for renewing the dam and fencing the paddock to put some sheep in.  Several WWOOFers worked hard splitting & stacking wood, but Max did seem to be the most enthusiastic and was very happy when it was finished.

chestnut farm WWOOFer firewood pile

Last week, after the wood had been out in sun & rain for nearly 11 months, we decided it was dry enough to move to the wood shed, where it can bake over summer and will be ready to keep us warm next winter.

Here are Moritz and Chloe loading up the ute, which works very well as a motorised wheelbarrow.

Once at the woodshed, the load can be put into wheelbarrows directly from the tray, or dumped… gotta love that tipper function!

Here’s Moritz unloading and trying not to be self-conscious about being photographed… either that or he’s remembering some funny story he heard last night.

and, of course, we all love a few shots of a fine wood stack – great work by Chloe & Moritz in fitting the whole of that huge outdoor pile into the shed.  I didn’t think it would go, but they stacked the shed to the gunwales!