Mend it, Melton!

There’s a fab couple doing some magnificent recycling, upcycling, repurposing and general frugal lifestyle work in sunny Melton (half way to Melbourne from Ballarat).

They are Danny and Karen Ellis and they are RUDE – Reusers of Unloved Discarded Excess!  You can check them out here

or hear Karen’s elevator pitch  about what they do!  You can also send them some love on their FaceBook page.  They are a great example of people taking simple practical steps to reduce their carbon footprint, live more sustainably and obtain a yield from the amazing bounty of “junk” that our society produces.

In the old days (e.g. last week?) people used to do an extraordinary thing called ‘repair’.  Instead of throwing something away, they replaced parts or patched things up and got them working again.  It takes a whole lot of energy to replace things, so repairing is a very sound sustainability strategy.  It also empowers you when you are the one doing the repairs – you might learn new skills as well as save yourself a heap of cash.  Case in point: yesterday I replaced the keyboard of the laptop I’m typing on.  Water was spilled on the old board and fried nearly all the keys.  A bit of online searching found a replacement keyboard for less than $25.  2-3 instruction videos on YouTube told me what to do and I’m back in business.  How much cheaper is that than a new laptop?