North wall window

I lay in bed last night as a huge thunderstorm pelted rain to earth.  It sounded like it was sitting directly above my place.  I wondered if I’d been a little optimistic on Friday when I didn’t put something over the window space in the north wall of Pepper’s cubby house.  I’d put corrugated iron around the window but didn’t get to put the window in before it got too dark to work.

Sure enough, the floor was wet this morning, so I swept it out and used a couple of sunny hours to put the window in.  Some scrap angle iron made great flashing.  The window is the unbroken half of an old bathroom window I salvaged.  The corrugated iron is from my brother’s dairy.    Still the South and West walls to finish before I go to Europe on June 19, but good to have half of them ticked off!

chestnut farm cubby window

chestnut farm tick