Obtain a Yield

Part of attuning oneself to the cycles of the seasons is attending to the human cycles, not just the natural ones.  The daily, weekly & annual cycles cycles of human activity sometimes give rise to predictable opportunities to Obtain a Yield.  One of these in Ballarat comes along each year with our agricultural show; it was held last weekend and one of the outcomes of the Show is the production of large amounts of waste straw.

Perfect for the garden as Spring plantings are going in, or for storage for use throughout the year.  New Irish helper Chloe arrived just in time to help load up in the cattle pavilion.

Once home, the ‘clean’ straw is piled up for use during the year and the well soiled, Nitrogen-rich straw is dumped near the compost heaps, or next to patches of ‘hungry’ plants like artichokes.

There’s nothing magical or fancy about it, but it’s one of the annual rituals that I look forward to.  I’ve been ‘harvesting’ straw from the Show for over 25 years.  Thanks to Chloe for the help, and Stu (at the showgrounds) for loading that last trailer load (a broken round bale) with the tractor!

Time for a shower.  🙂