Obtain a Yield

The permaculture design principle Obtain A Yield often conjurs images of lush vegetable gardens or fruit trees, but there are many other yields to be found.

Yesterday I removed some roofing iron and old timbers from the roof of an abandoned dairy.  The timbers were old Australian hardwood; very strong and increasingly hard to get.  Because they are aged, they won’t twist or shrink.  The timber comprised 4 x2 purlins (already removed prior to photograph below) and 5 x 1.5 rafters.  I found a bit of borer in some of the purlins, but the rafters were all in great condition – and the larger ones measured out at 5.3 metres (sorry to mix the metric & Imperial systems, but I’m bilingual)

chestnut farm roof timbers obtain a yield

By the way, this is not Produce No Waste….  Produce No Waste relates to your place and your systems: when you go somewhere else and scavenge, salvage or forage something that someone else would otherwise discard, you are obtaining a yield.   😉

The roofing iron was 7.3 m long – too long to fit on my tandem trailer – so I cut it in half.  3.65 m is still a pretty useful size sheet.

chestnut farm roofing iron obtain a yield