Old tracks into new

Ever wondered what to do with excavator or bobcat tracks when they die?  As with all recycling, the key is to look at the object’s inherent qualities, rather than what it was previously used for.  When a mate offered me a set of used tracks, I initially rejected them.  But then I thought “What are they?”  They are long, tough, heavy, waterproof, strips that are wider than a car tyre and likely to last a lifetime or two… and if you had a soft spot where you’d nearly got bogged, how about setting them into the ground as a permanent driveway?

Guess what?  I’ve got a soft spot at the bottom of my workshop drive which could be perfect for testing the concept!

Setting out the positions of the tracks

Christoph, Lief and Alex took on the task, which involved measuring the distance between the ute wheels to decide on a distance apart for the tracks, digging shallow trenches to put the tracks in, and then doing a little careful infill to align with the heavy rubber ‘lugs’ that engage with the drive sprocket of the machine – this last step to avoid air gaps under the track when it was laid down.

You can see the rubber lugs on the upturned track in the photo above

Alex laying track
Leif confirms the spacing is right!

and here’s the final ‘product’ – a simple, solid base for years to come.

The grass will grow around it, it will settle in and be a great asset.  Much better than throwing the old tracks in the skip; I’m now officially on the look out for another set to extend further up the hill!  🙂