Permaculture Design Course hosting

It has been a fabulous weekend; I’m really enjoying hosting the Ballarat Permaculture Guild PDC group… a great crew and it’s a real pleasure to share the farm with them on this learning journey.  Yesterday, we spent a beautiful Autumn day  at Melliodora – David Holmgren & Su Dennett’s property in Hepburn – where David gave the group a property tour in the morning (focussing on design process) and we talked about his upcoming book Retrosuburbia in the afternoon.

Chestnut Farm Melliodora dam autumn Chestnut farm David Holmgren laughing Melliodora PDC tour

Today the PDC group were back at the farm to have an enthralling day led by Ian Lillington.  We swept across several of the permaculture domains: land tenure, housing options, finance & economics, group processes, health & spiritual wellbeing.  In between robust discussions of LETS systems, the Brixton Pound, co-housing, whether there’s a place for spirituality in permaculture, how renters can crank their permaculture systems and much more, the design teams had brief meetings to set themselves for the final weeks before their presentations in June.  It was a FULL day!   🙂

Chestnut Farm Ian Lillington 2017 PDC Chestnut Farm Liz laughing