Permaculture entrepreneurs

The Knowledge Exchange for Entrepreneurship in Permaculture (KEEP) project is a fabulous UK collaboration between the Permaculture Association (UK) and Kingston University London.  It is funded by a  grant from the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

The aims of the project are to:

  • conduct preliminary research on the current state of permaculture enterprises and entrepreneurship;
  • identify and explore key factors underlying the success of permaculture enterprises;
  • identify, prepare and share case studies of outstanding permaculture enterprises;
  • develop knowledge resources and knowledge sharing processes which will encourage a new wave of permaculture-inspired enterprises and;
  • assist the Permaculture Association to create an enterprise hub

Check out the project website  which includes a wide range of case studies showing how different people have created diverse incomes based on permaculture – and it’s great to see that lots of the businesses are about things other than gardening or teaching permaculture (!)

…or here’s a great Vimeo video of Permaculture Association researcher Chris Warburton Brown talking about the project.