Permaculture Teacher Training

Last week, Ballarat Permaculture Guild hosted a teacher training led by Permaculture Elder and international wonder woman Rosemary Morrow.  The course was co-taught by another international wonder woman – Brenna Quinlan who showed everyone that her skills are much wider than just in the graphic design area!

Rowe leading morning circle

A fabulous group of people from up and down Eastern Australia gathered, with many camping at Chestnut Farm.  The first day was here, then we shifted to the local Invermay Hall.

The 6 day course was as challenging as it was inspiring, with all students presenting micro-teaching sessions each afternoon.  The complexity of the micro-teaching increased each day and culminated with a 30 minute team teaching presentation on the final day.

Brenna prepping for another session!

Rowe taking a rest on the floor!