Semi-automated watering

Over the last few weeks of very hot weather, I’ve been investing in some simple watering equipment – sprinklers, soaker hoses and weeper hoses. I still like hand watering as a great opportunity to Observe & Interact with the plants. If I hadn’t been hand watering a month ago, I might have had a lot of scale attack on my potted apples, but the scale has been wiped out (crushed by hand) as I stood with a hose in the other hand.

However, as the garden expands, the watering becomes more and more time consuming AND you can’t justify the time it would take to really soak an area. With some sprinklers and hoses, you can run water onto an area for an hour or two. The duckpond forest garden has really been loving the extra water. The apples in pots have been treated to an aerial sprinkler for an hour or so each day. Simple set-up – metal sprinkler sitting on a milk crate.

I’ve also laid some soaker hoses in the veggie garden – these guys put out small sprays along their entire length. By reducing pressure (backing the tap off), the sprays become smaller. I tried a few ways of arranging the hose and trying to get the spray right… in the end I’ve settled on putting the hose upside down so the sprays point to the soil.

Soaker hose running in front of tomatoes, behind row of handsome basil plants

This morning, Yang Yang and I worked in the berry tunnel from 7 am until lunchtime. We weeded, pruned Jostaberries and Brambleberries, then lay soaker hose down the length of the raspberry bed (RHS in photos).

Working our way down the ‘tunnel’, weeding and pruning.
Minty kept us company -mostly sleeping in the shade of the jostaberries.
Northern walkway pruned and weeded, ready to run weeper hose along the raspberry bed

We unrolled the weeper hose on the lawn then fed it through the end of the berry tunnel, weaving it between the stalks of the raspberry bushes. It connects directly to a standard 12 mm hose fitting and has a filter to deal with the particulates found in dam water (which is what we use for garden watering).

Weeper hose with water droplets emerging from it. Warranty for 3 years, claimed as UV stable. We will cover with mulch anyway, so that should extend life.
That’s what we’re after!