Storage rack build

Had a very productive 48 hours (well, yesterday and this morning) building a new storage rack along the back wall of the paint shed.  Thanks to new helper Victor for his work yesterday  – here’s the end result, man!

Vertical posts screwed into the wall with 100 mm tech screws.  Horizontal support rails screwed into the uprights (and into the wall) with 100 mm tech screws.

Victor checking the position of the horizontal rails on the front structure.  The front is built ‘free standing’ and attached to the wall-mounted timbers by the shelves themselves.

Shelves are 24 mm melamine offcuts from a local furniture factory.  Industrial waste product becomes sweet, high visibility, easy-to-clean shelving.

End of day one: all uprights in position, half the frame painted and some shelves installed.

Clara did a heap of helping on Day Two – especially painting the recycled pallet timber frame so that it looks good and reflects light within the shed.  (No electric lights in here).

Day Two (lunchtime) finish… couldn’t resist throwing a few tools on the shelves to make them look occupied.