Studio verandah

Check out this set of photos and watch the main verandah structure appear out of nowhere!  … here’s some slices of yesterday and today…

Alan digging post holes
Izzy painting main framing timbers
Post holes dug!
Izzy fixing the main cross beams
Florianne fitting the rafters
meanwhile, making purlins was a cause for celebration!
rafters fitted – while Cherry & Alan work furiously in the background painting the purlins
Florianne fixing the first purlin
Lunchtime today – 3 runs of purlins up
all purlins up – Florianne and Alan cutting off the rafter excess.

At 5 o’clock, it bucketted down and the Weather Bureau is forecasting that we’ll get our average December rainfall in the next 24 hours.  Should be good for the tomatoes and berries but don’t expect any more verandah shots for a couple of days!