Tiny House #4

At the end of the last post, we’d started putting external cladding on.  Last week, we had a few days on the tiny house, so lots of progress has been made!  Wendy Marchment dropped in to talk Permaculture Australia Board stuff, but was happy to help out on the build.

Scott & Wendy putting iron on the North wall

Valentina and Andrea made the trek from sunny Melbourne and brought some killer muffins and an amazing cake.  Who cares about the work – the food was fabulous!

Scott, Andrea & Valentina working on the East wall

We had three teams working that day; me on the roof adding a fiddly side section to one end, Leif & Christoph measuring & cutting iron for the West & North walls, and Scott, Andrea & Valentina working on the East wall.

Leif & Christoph

Check out the iron on the lawn in the rear of the photo below: that was Leif & Christoph’s ironclad way of making sure the iron would cover the area around the window on the North wall!

Fun on site

The West wall has no windows or doors and is only 2.4 m long, so went up quickly… so quickly that the trestle plank appears to have been forgotten!

Boys! I told you to put a plank on that!

Andrea did a great job carefully painting the barge boards and touching up the eave linings.

Andrea painting eave & barge boards

I got down off the roof and reworked some lovely old hardwood floorboards to make a frame around the doorway

The next morning, it was just the ‘home’ crew.  The North wall was the final one to be tackled and it was a great feeling to have the building enclosed!

Friday kick off on the North wall
Leif taking irrational pleasure in punching a hole in some iron!
That tricky piece above the window

While the boys worked on the North wall, I collected a load of packing sheets from a local furniture factory and returned with them on the trailer.

Internal lining arrives!

Leif & I cut the first ceiling sheet to size and he started painting it.  Meantime,  Scott cleaned down the roof and Christoph went around the base of each of the walls and screwed the bottom sheet of iron to the bottom plate.

busy bees

This is an attempt to exclude vermin from the Olive House.  It was a job that required attention to detail, so Christoph was just the man!

Christoph getting down

We were all excited about the prospect of starting the lining, so we worked late and got one sheet up!  The eaves were stuffed with insulation and then we packed insulation above the sheet before fixing it.

Ceiling sheet one

It was a super-satisfying two days where we started with a frame and house-wrap and finished with the building externally clad and the internal lining begun.  As always, a huge team effort – but we also saw the benefit of building small… you get SO much done so quickly!