Up she goes!

We’re putting a little shed up at one end of a long screening fence.  The fence will come later.  We’re getting the shed up now.  It is 2.4 x 4m which means it does not require a building or planning permit.  We’ll build it solid and wonderful, of course, because we want to be good stewards of our resources, hate repeating work and because we want to prove that a patient amateur builds as well as a rushed professional.

Jackie & Clement set up the four corner posts after Clement did a marathon job digging the holes (some of them were pretty nasty!)

Yesterday, Clem and I put up the rest of the posts.  Today, Jackie & Clem took turns digging out shallow trenches for the concrete form work, and painting the posts.

They line up pretty well, too, those posts!

The plan is to erect 3 buildings of about this size (all under the magic 10 sq metres); the other two will be for WWOOFers to stay in.  (Think old school ‘sleep out’ but funky design, solar passive orientation, good insulation and NOT made out of 1960’s asbestos sheeting)