Whatcha planting this Sunday?

This Sunday will be 10 C, cloudy and a slight chance of rain….  a great day for putting in a new apple tree!  Dig your hole now, to be ready for the weekend.  🙂

I’ve pulled out four trees on MM102 rootstock – bigger than the usual dwarf and semi-dwarf varieties that I sell – and have them ready for pick up now.  Maybe one of them would like to be at your place?

[All trees are in pots & are $25 each.  Bring feedbag or similar to put them in, to keep the car clean on the way home.  :)]

London Pippin (aka London Five Crown)

“Very old cooking and eating apple with the distinctive 5-lobed base. Originated in either Essex or Norfolk. It was recorded in 1580. Fruits have crisp, white, acid flesh. Of its many synonyms Five Crown is the most widely used in Australia” (from heritagefruitrees.com.au)

Dual purpose, late harvest.  Good drier and keeper.  Flowers late (FT 5)

Calville blanc d’Hiver

“The perfect choice for tarte aux pommes, its spicy aromatic flavor makes it one of the world’s top culinary apples.” (from orangepippin.com)

Cooker, flowers mid/late season (FT 4). Self-fertile.   Very high in Vitamin C.

Stayman’s Winesap

Dessert apple from Kansas (1895).  Cross between Stayman and Winesap, it is medium-large and a good apple.  Flowers midseason (FT3) but is a triploid so has sterile pollen.  No problem if you have other FT3 trees nearby or live in town.  It was considered the best of the Winesap ‘sports’ or seedlings.


“A red flushed summer apple. Quite sharp with a raspberry or redcurrant flavour.” (from Keepers Nursery, UK)

Dessert apple from Worcestershire dating back to the mid 1700’s.  Partially self-fertile, but benefits from having other mid/late flowering varieties (FT4) nearby.

Please email or send me a text on 0409 551 539 to arrange pick up (prefer 9 – 10 am Sunday morning).  I have many other trees available, on M9 and M26 rootstock as well as MM102.  Let’s arrange a time for you to drop in next week with your list.  🙂