Events & workshops

Permaculture Design Course 2018

Chestnut Farm is the venue for the Ballarat Permaculture Guild PDC in 2018, which started in late January and runs over 7 weekends until June 17.  To sign up for the 2019 Ballarat Permaculture Guild PDC (which will follow the same format and general timing), watch the BPG website!  We have a range of great speakers, including permaculture co-founder David Holmgren leading a tour of his home property, Melliodora.

chestnut farm david holmgrenchestnut farm melliodora holmgren

Other presenters include Beck Lowe, Steve Burns, Ian Lillington, Joel Meadows, Sonia van Dorssen, David Davidson, Paul Ryle & more.  Site visits are to both urban & rural properties and all students participate in groups to produce working permaculture designs on assigned sites.

Forest Garden weekend workshops –  5, 6, 7 October 2018

There are several forest garden plantings at Chestnut Farm, with others in development.  The initial plantings came after Steve completed the extraordinary nine day Forest Garden Design Intensive with Dave Jacke in 2013 (which Dave then delivered at Chestnut Farm in 2016).  Steve has also completed separate forest garden courses with Martin Crawford  and Chris Evans in the UK and visited inspirational gardens such as Graeme Bell’s Garden Cottage in Scotland.   Forest Gardens (aka food forests) are ‘hot property’ in the permaculture world at the moment – and for good reasons!

Steve has developed a weekend course drawing on his previous training, experience and observation of how forest gardens have been implemented in cool temperate Australia.  This course, which includes Friday afternoon, will empower you to design & implement your own forest garden.  The focus is on practical implementation, so although we certainly discuss the history & theory of forest gardens and ways to design them, our measure of success is whether you go home and plant one!  If you have questions that can’t wait, please contact now!   🙂