Plant sales

Chestnut Farm has the following plants for sale at this time.  We are not a commercial nursery so have limited stock, however we do grow everything we sell, so you can be sure we’re giving you what we say we are!

Please contact us in advance to arrange collection of your plants.  We may be able to deliver to central Ballarat.  Email


Apples     Fruit trees in pots     $25

apples pots Chestnut Farm

All our apples [Malus pumila, aka Malus domestica] have been grafted on-site, with over 100 varieties of heirloom dessert, cooking, cider & dual purpose apples available.  Rootstocks are usually M9 or M26, with some on Ottawa 3 or MM102.   Apples are available year-round, however will need greater care if planted outside traditional planting times in mid-Winter.  We encourage customers to have a preferred ‘short list’ of desired species – and also to consider planting cookers as well as dessert apples.  (Time to restore the cooker to its former glory!)

With the hotter weather coming to an end, you might like to plan your Winter orchard plantings, or even get some trees in during Autumn so that they establish slightly before shutting down for Winter.

Jostaberries     Berries in pots     $15

Jostaberries [Ribes × nidigrolaria] are a cross between gooseberries, black currants and Worcestershire berries, developed in Germany in the mid 1970’s.  They are vigorous growers (up to 2-3 metres tall) with lovely light green Spring foliage.  Plants flower in early Spring; berries, as the photo shows, are initially translucent (like gooseberries) but then darken to black (like black currants).  Multiple websites and references state that the plant is self-fertile and we have abundant fruit on ours, however other local gardeners report good growth & flowering but poor pollination rates.  As ours are growing near multiple gooseberries, perhaps fruiting is assisted by gooseberries or currants nearby?