Spring busyness!

It’s been a crazy Spring with the weather oscillating wildly from hot to cold. The poor tomatoes don’t know what to do – they’ve been sitting in the ground for a few weeks and hardly growing at all!

Meantime, I’ve had some great help from Nathan & Jess (in Oct) and Alex & Jasmine (in Nov) and we’ve got a heap of jobs done. Here’s a quick set of photos to give you an idea of what we’ve been up to!

Chestnut Farm potting shed waiting for demolition
Potting shed no longer needed by a relative (It helps if your family know you are a recycler!)
Chestnut Farm potting shed partially demolished
Dismantled for later rebuild – thanks to Jess & Nathan! (We took the roof frame away as a single piece!)
erecting poles and rails on ute shed at chestnutfarm.net.au
‘Ute’ shed posts & rails going up – with Alex, Jasmine and Joseph, who dropped in for the day.
cladding ute shed at chestnutfarm.net.au
Cladding goes on – the old roof from the Ballarat Nth Snr Citizens clubrooms. Thanks to Ash for the donation of oil drums as temporary scaffolding. 🙂
roof steelwork at chestnutfarm.net.au
Instant roof using steel Z and C section purlins
Inside ute shed view at chestnutfarm.net.au
Insulation wrap to stop the condensation drips, and why not make it pretty? Jasmine painting the interior a lovely (mistint) pink to reflect light & make it look neat
Alex painting at chestnutfarm.net.au
While Alex goes crazy on the colour I made by mixing 15 litres of black paint with 3 litres of red and a few litres of green – who knew that that was the formula for Mission Brown?
ute shed top cover at chestnutfarm.net.au
To keep out a little rain, we dropped a bit of cover down from the front edge of the roof, and bolted a large plank across the opening.
sheds painted brown at chestnutfarm.net.au
Alex painted both sheds the same colour – a good background colour to help them blend into the landscape rather than stand out.
ute in shed at chestnutfarm.net.au
then the ute could finally get parked in the shed… yes, I know it’s not fully protected, but how much better than being in the weather for the last several years? 🙂
meantime, we reworked a few annual veggie beds
Pepper and I planted these peas a couple of months ago and they are really crankin’!
Capsicums, aubergines and lettuce hidden in here!
Tomatoes along a Sun-facing wall
This is the ‘before’ photo – the blackberries had gone feral in this tumbledown shade house…
Alex & Jasmine destroyed the blackberries and released a couple of figs & a Marqui berry to the world!
Old posts and wire fence removed, shadecloth gone and now the question is… how shall we shape this new garden bed, which will have a fig/Marqui berry centre piece? 🙂

Tiny House #3

Spring is here and that means more Workaway helpers… so more work on projects.  It’s been a busy week!  We made the roof timbers and erected them…

Roof timbers in place

Eave linings are a pain to put in place after you’ve put on the roof or walls, so before adding any other cladding, we cut, painted and erected the eave linings.

Scott & Christoph measuring eave lining boards

Scott excited about eave lining!

Scott & Leif

The eave linings we done and it was 4.30 pm on Tuesday.  Rain forecast for Wednesday so I asked the guys if they’d mind pushing on with  the roof.  Everyone was up for it so we worked another 2 hours and put the roof on!

Steve and Leif fixing first sheet of roof insulation

Insulation lining under roof

Wednesday morning dawns…. and no rain!  Sweet!  OK, let’s put the window in before it rains…

Window about to be installed. Many hands make light work!

Still no rain, so let’s just carry on!  My brother had donated some off-cut iron from a building project and we reckoned it was about enough to clad the South wall.

Sizing iron for the South wall

On goes the cladding!

Thanks to Andy for kindly donating the cladding!

Now it’s Thursday morning, so we’ve got another big day today with extra helpers coming for the Tiny House skillshare.  Because I’ve got 3-4 helpers for the next few weeks, we’ll probably have 2 people working on the Olive House each day… so expect big progress.  Christoph leaves in early November and wants to be the first person to sleep in the Olive House.  Will we make it?  Dunno, but I better get out and get too it!