Flying buttress growing frame

Pepper’s cubby continues to grow – this time with a gracious flying buttress on the South side, to provide stability against the driving winds from the North, plus a frame for growing grapes and other climbers.  Looking forward to a lovely shady kids play area…

The structure is made from recycling trampoline components – welded together by my brother Andy who is a master at all things metal.  If you look closely, you might be able to work out which bits are from which parts of the trampoline?   🙂

Flying buttresses were originally developed to prevent the side walls of European cathedrals being moving by the weight of the roof; this one will help keep the structure stable as well as making it look cuter.  I put each of the base ends into a solid block of concrete, both of which will be incorporated into a garden bed.

Before we put the buttress on, we had to finish all the windows.

Now that the windows and buttress are done, we can remove the scaffolding.  Heck, we might even think about making the front deck and putting the door on… although everyone has got pretty used to access via the ladder

Cubby front wall

The last couple of days have seen some great work done on the front wall of the cubby.  Glen, new WWOOFer from the UK, took on the job of finishing the front wall, which was started by Clara a few weeks back.

chestnut farm cubby front wall 001 chestnut farm Glen cubby front wall 01

We’re cladding the wall in old fence palings.  They’re Australian hardwood and probably already 60 years old.  With a double layer of palings and a coat of paint, how long do you think they might last?  Another 60 years?  longer…?

chestnut farm cubby front wall glen 02

After finishing the second layer of palings (which are off set to cover the join line of the lower layer), Glen got stuck into a first coat of paint.  We’re not sure of the final colour but Pepper is keen to have the cubby painted and decorated as flamboyantly as possible, so consider this one an undercoat!

chestnut farm cubby front wall glen 03 painting

Pepper is being very patient about the time it’s taking to finish the cubby.  She loves working on it and says to me “We do a little bit every day, Dad”.  Wise words from a 4 year old.

chestnut farm Pepper at cubby June 2 2017 chestnut farm Pepper pointing to her name June 2017