Spring busyness!

It’s been a crazy Spring with the weather oscillating wildly from hot to cold. The poor tomatoes don’t know what to do – they’ve been sitting in the ground for a few weeks and hardly growing at all!

Meantime, I’ve had some great help from Nathan & Jess (in Oct) and Alex & Jasmine (in Nov) and we’ve got a heap of jobs done. Here’s a quick set of photos to give you an idea of what we’ve been up to!

Chestnut Farm potting shed waiting for demolition
Potting shed no longer needed by a relative (It helps if your family know you are a recycler!)
Chestnut Farm potting shed partially demolished
Dismantled for later rebuild – thanks to Jess & Nathan! (We took the roof frame away as a single piece!)
erecting poles and rails on ute shed at chestnutfarm.net.au
‘Ute’ shed posts & rails going up – with Alex, Jasmine and Joseph, who dropped in for the day.
cladding ute shed at chestnutfarm.net.au
Cladding goes on – the old roof from the Ballarat Nth Snr Citizens clubrooms. Thanks to Ash for the donation of oil drums as temporary scaffolding. 🙂
roof steelwork at chestnutfarm.net.au
Instant roof using steel Z and C section purlins
Inside ute shed view at chestnutfarm.net.au
Insulation wrap to stop the condensation drips, and why not make it pretty? Jasmine painting the interior a lovely (mistint) pink to reflect light & make it look neat
Alex painting at chestnutfarm.net.au
While Alex goes crazy on the colour I made by mixing 15 litres of black paint with 3 litres of red and a few litres of green – who knew that that was the formula for Mission Brown?
ute shed top cover at chestnutfarm.net.au
To keep out a little rain, we dropped a bit of cover down from the front edge of the roof, and bolted a large plank across the opening.
sheds painted brown at chestnutfarm.net.au
Alex painted both sheds the same colour – a good background colour to help them blend into the landscape rather than stand out.
ute in shed at chestnutfarm.net.au
then the ute could finally get parked in the shed… yes, I know it’s not fully protected, but how much better than being in the weather for the last several years? 🙂
meantime, we reworked a few annual veggie beds
Pepper and I planted these peas a couple of months ago and they are really crankin’!
Capsicums, aubergines and lettuce hidden in here!
Tomatoes along a Sun-facing wall
This is the ‘before’ photo – the blackberries had gone feral in this tumbledown shade house…
Alex & Jasmine destroyed the blackberries and released a couple of figs & a Marqui berry to the world!
Old posts and wire fence removed, shadecloth gone and now the question is… how shall we shape this new garden bed, which will have a fig/Marqui berry centre piece? 🙂